Why Are the Jackpots on Some Slots Games in Online Casinos So Big?

Published On May 23, 2017 | By Russell Lean | Casino

If you enjoy playing games of slots in online casinos, you may soon notice that the jackpots in some games are a lot bigger than others and grow over time. The same is true in brick and mortar casinos as well, and generally the slots that have massive jackpots tend to be ‘progressive’ slots.

Simply put progressive slots are a type of slots where a small percentage of each bet that is made goes towards a large communal jackpot. In brick and mortar casinos progressive slots machines were networked even between different casinos and all the bets went into a single jackpot – which is what made it so large. Today the same applies to online casinos, and the sheer number of bets being made allows the jackpot to grow extremely quickly.

As you can imagine the odds of winning the jackpot in a game of progressive slots is fairly slim – though it does vary a little bit. When compared to games of slots that have fixed jackpots however, there is a world of difference as fixed jackpot slots have far more reasonable and realistic odds.

That being said the large jackpots on progressive slots is really part and parcel of its appeal. Many players tend to play the minimum possible bet that they are permitted so that they can stretch their budget while still being eligible for the jackpot. While this method won’t ‘guarantee’ a win, the idea is to simply be able to get as many cracks at the jackpot as possible before your bankroll runs out.

When you play at Citibet or any other online casino you should be able to spot the progressive jackpots instantly. Most will probably have jackpots in the millions, and online casinos tend to display them as prominently as possible in order to attract interest.

Assuming you enjoy games of slots, there is no harm in giving progressive slots a go at allbet. While it is true that your odds of winning will be slightly lower overall because a percentage of the bet goes towards the jackpot – the tradeoff is that you may happen to get extremely lucky and win that jackpot. At the end of the day the real question is probably whether or not you can resist the temptation of possibly winning such a huge pot in a single spin?

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