What’s Involved in Building an Online Slots Machine?

Published On April 13, 2018 | By Russell Lean | Slots

There are reasons why ‘slots’ is still the most popular online casino game in the world. The game is very straightforward and easy to play, which means even the most inexperienced player can jump right in and start playing right away. Online slots also come in different variations to keep players excited and engaged.

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While slots is simple to play, a significant amount of planning, development, and engineering goes into every online slots game available today. In this article, we are going to dig deeper into what it takes to build an online slots machine. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Algorithm

Slots is a purely chance-driven game. In online slots, that chance-driven nature is produced through the use of a Random Number Generator or RNG. Every online slots machine has an RNG behind it, producing millions of combinations when players hit Spin.

The RNGs aren’t just designed to be random. Plenty of engineering goes into ensuring the security of the algorithms used by different online slots machines. The developers must also ensure reliability and credibility of their slots games.

Depending on the jurisdiction, some gambling commissions regularly inspects online slots games to ensure fairness. The RNG can also be programmed for different risk variance, ranging from low-risk games with plenty of payouts to high-risk games with fewer (but bigger) payouts.

Whether you play premium slots games or you play slots games free spins, the same RNG and risk variance are in play. These elements are parts of the excitement of playing slots. They are also the reasons why we have so many slots variations today.

The Design

With the RNG acting as the foundation of online slots games, developers must also invest in the visuals of the games they create. Themed online slots games, slots games with storylines, and even custom online slots machines that are unique to certain gaming platforms all have unique visuals to them.

Online casinos often work with the best web design agency when creating their slots games. The goal is delivering the best user experience possible through the use of good design and visual elements. 2D and 3D elements, animations and transitions are used to deliver that user experience as smoothly as possible.

A single variation of online slots can take up to a year to develop. Designers and developers work side by side in making slots games that meet the imagination of players.

The Extras

The development of an online slots variation doesn’t stop there. With the RNG and visuals in place, developers must also take care of other aspects of the game. Sound effects is usually the next item on the list. The right sound effects can really transform an ordinary slots game into an exceptional one.

Gameplay is another important element of the game. We now have slots variations with side games, unique combinations, and even a storyline with levels and bigger prizes. These elements add up. With the market for slots games being as competitive as today, players can expect bigger, better and more exciting slots machines from the best casino platforms and developers.

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