How to Significantly Increase Your Chance of Success at Online Slots

Published On March 22, 2017 | By Russell Lean | Slots

You may think that playing slots is a game that cannot be analysed, that – by the virtue and nature of the game – everything is done at random, and that you cannot take advantage of this. To a certain extent this is true; the slots are indeed random, and there are no skills that will skew the randomness curve in your favour. However, there are a few proven tricks that professional players use to give them an edge. It’s not a magic code, and it’s not superstition – it’s based on solid statistical theory. So how can a person playing a game of which the outcome is random benefit at all? How can one take advantage of Lady Luck? Here’s how to significantly increase your chance of success at online slots.

The law of averages

Statistics are of great use when it comes to slot games and other games of chance – and according to the law of averages, a certain outcome that has not occurred in a while has a higher chance of occurring soon. It’s because statistically speaking, after a while, all outcomes should occur in equal frequency. Using the law of averages allows you to pick statistically better options.

Think long term

You’re much better off placing small amounts of money, and playing many more games, than placing a big bet on one game. Professional players think long term. Not only does it drastically improve your odds of winning, you get to enjoy those jackpot slots games for a much longer time.

Progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are perfect and should be taken advantage of. Not only does it fit in with the theory of the law of averages and thinking long-term, it also gives you a much better risk-to-potential-profit ratio, as you put down the same amount for a potential higher outcome.

Prepare your bankroll

Be disciplined with your money and prepare to play for the long run – don’t get swept away by emotions. Highly skilled players have self-control and understand the need for self-discipline. They stick to a plan, just like real-life TV game show winners like Roop Singh, who won £250000 on Deal or No Deal (which you could now play online as well), although he could’ve won more – but for him, it was more about self-control.

Each person has their own way of thinking and has their own way of doing things – and that’s fine; you need to feel good about your play, after all, and it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. There’s no way to enjoy the game unless you can feel the rush of the win or the hope in a better outcome next time. However, those who trust mathematics and statistical measurements – and have the discipline to stick to a plan – are bound to enjoy the game of slots a lot more. To know more about slots visit

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